Beautiful countdown pages for every one of your life's milestones

In just a couple of steps, have your countdown page live and automatically sharing with your social network

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simple, quick, mobile

Customize & launch your countdown page in minutes from your desktop or smart device.


Automatically, on your schedule

Setup your new countdown page to automatically post to your social network once a day or more.


Forever & ever

Keep your followers, friends, and family updated on all of your life's milestones for free, forever.

Live Countdown Pages

SayYay for Professionals

Countdown to your every success

SayYay Pro gives you premium options for your countdown pages - centralized management, custom layouts, multiple clock styles, newsletters subscriptions and more!

SayYay Pro empowers you to launch countdown pages that can roll right up to a social marketing strategy post-event with social lead capture via user comments. Add newsletter subscriptions, comment moderation, and more flexible social sharing and you have a rock solid, powerful social marketing tool.

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Explore Pro Membership


Create as many countdown pages as you want.

$ 0   /month

  • Custom message
  • Custom background
  • Full social integration
  • Countdown pages never expire
Create Page

Manage & launch an unlimited number of countdowns.

$ 9 /month

  • Build an audience with newsletter subscription
  • Increased scheduling options for social sharing
  • Centralized management for multiple countdown pages
  • 14 countdown clocks & layouts to choose from
  • Setup on your web address or redirect to your landing page
  • Auto-repeat events weekly, monthly, annually
  • Comment moderation
  • Capture & export of social leads
  • Define your own landing page
  • Stats dashboard for all your countdown pages
  • Countdown pages never expire

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